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Cinnamon Buttercream Candle


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Cinnamon Buttercream Candle

We at Illuminate Harmony Candle Company are pleased to present to you the most finely crafted Cinnamon Buttercream Candle that will enhance the atmosphere of your whole home décor and
provide you with moments of relaxation.

Our Cinnamon Buttercream Candle has a rich, spicy blend of cinnamon and clove that is balanced with buttercream and sweetened with rich vanilla - it's an irresistible scent that is just the thing to keep you warm in the winter!

This is an excellent candle to fill up your home, office, or business with the aroma of fresh baked goodies straight out of the oven. It has a warm, inviting aroma that pairs perfectly with the winter and the holidays.


- Cinnamon Buttercream Candle
- Comes In A 7oz Glass Jar With Metal Lid
- Hand Made In NJ With Love
- Made With High-Quality Natural Soy Wax
- Long Lasting Burn Time
- Various Aromatic Scents are Available

Try a more powerful and unique Cinnamon Buttercream candle at Illuminateharmonycandlecompany.

Why should we use Soy Candles?

Candles handmade from soy are generated from soybeans, a natural and renewable resource cultivated in many parts of the world by local farmers. A candle that is manufactured from soy wax has a cleaner burn and produces very little soot when it is consumed by the flame. The average lifespan of a soy candle is longer than that of a paraffin candle of the same size. The longer lifespan of soy candles may be attributed to the wax made from soybeans, which burns at a lower temperature and at a slower rate than other types of wax.

When it comes to retaining the aroma of essential oils, which are often used to fragrance candles, nothing beats the performance of a soy wax candle. The fragrance is
gradually dispersed into the air as a result of the slower burning rate. You can be sure that our Cinnamon Buttercream Candle will provide long lasting, aromatic satisfaction for many hours to come.

Give your home a cozy and warm feel with this candle that smells like homemade, fresh cinnamon buttercream. Choose from a variety of scents to personalize your home, from the classic scent of Cinnamon Buttercream to Ginger And Spice, Vanilla And Chestnut, Cinnamon Buns, and more!

  • Available In A 7oz Glass Jar With Metal Lid
  • Hand Poured In The USA
  • Made From Natural Soy Wax
  • Made With Lead Free Cotton Wicks
  • Part Of Our Fall And Winter Candle Collection

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